Lifting and tilting equipment

Our handling equipment range includes various types of single column lifters and tippers (stationary, mobile, rail mounted), double column lifters and tippers and swing loaders.

Kittner lifting equipment is designed with focus on minimizing the risk of accidents in the workplace and increasing production efficiency. The column lifter, for example, is used for unloading of standard 200/300 liters buggies (Tote bins according to DIN9797) into meat processing machines as vacuum tumblers, dosing machines, forming machines, fillers, mixers, etc. Kittner also produces lifting and tilting machines for various types of containers used in the food industry, such as crates, plastic box pallets, containers, etc.

Our Single-column lifters are manufactured on a serial production scale, resulting in higher efficiency, better control and more constant execution quality.

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Industrial Washing Machines

We manufacture both standard as well as by individual project cabin and tunnel washers, mainly for containers and moulds in the food industry, such as Euro crates, baking trays, 200/300 litres bins (according to DIN9797), box pallets, smoking trolleys, plastic pallets, etc.

The food industry faces the challenge of containers soiled with various residues from meat, minced meat, fish, vegetables or baked goods. In each case, Kittner’s washing solutions provide the washing, rinsing, sanitizing and blowing-off results that our customers need and expect.

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Parts Cleaning and Degreasing Machines

A significant part of the company’s product portfolio focuses on cleaning and degreasing machines in following areas: maintenance and repair of machinery motors, machine-building, mill-turn processing of details for the automotive industry, metal working and electronics. Kittner washing machines with water-based cleaning agents provide a professional removal of metal and plastic shavings, grease, coolant, oil, wax and other hard-to-handle contaminants.

The range of specialized parts cleaning machines includes: Automatic Parts-Washing and Degreasing Machine (Top loader); Washing and Degreasing Machine for Big Parts (Front Loader); Tunnel Washer for Components; Tunnel Washer for KLT Crates; Washing and Degreasing Machine for cylindrical parts; Tunnel Washer for Pallets; Washer for Parts with 60 bars High Pressure.

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Personal Hygiene Equipment

Hygiene stations prevent the spread of contamination and the transfer of germs from outside into the clean production areas. They provide effective washing, disinfection and drying of hands, shoes and boots. They also control personnel access and implement the hygiene measures prescribed for every food production.

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Customized solutions

Standard solutions are not always suitable for all customers and must be adapted to their specific requirements. Thanks to many years of experience and continuous development in the field of container washing and handling of various types of containers, Kittner offers the best possible individual solutions based on the criteria of:
– capacity, – type of containers, – type of products to be handled, – dimensions of the premises where the machine is to be installed, – type of work processes, etc.

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