Washing machine for small parts under high pressure (HP)

Effective cleaning and degreasing at high pressure

The purpose of the machine is to wash and degrease manually dirty parts under high pressure (HP). It has special system for operation with eco-cleaner, which biodegrades oil and other contamination. Thus the machine is environment friendly and economical effective, because the cleaner regenerates itself. The machine works also with other cleaners. It is made from stainless steel and has insulated tank for energy saving. It has also ergonomic vertical sliding lid, load capacity up to 350 kg, internal LED lighting, vapour suction ventilator and brush for low pressure cleaning.The machine complies with the high CE-Requirements and EU- and USDA-regulations

Additional information

Ambient temperature

4 °C ÷ 30 °C

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

2 kW

Power supply

230 V 50 Hz