Swing loader for container max.1000 kg

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Swing loader for unloading containers and pallet boxes, capacity max.1000 kg. Tipping height 1500mm. The machine is designed for safe and easy unloading of various products used in meat and other food industries. Tipping height: 1500mm. Tipping angle: 35°. The holders are adjustable in 5 steps of 50 mm each, depending on the height of the container. Maximum load 1000 kg in a container with maximum dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 850 mm. Mobile version. The wheels can be locked stationary. Hygienic design according to EU hygiene standards. The container can be tipped out via the 850 mm side. Left hand operating panel. The swing loader is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic pack and motor. Stainless steel cylinder. Extra strong execution, completely made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301.
Options: Safety fence, fork for 200/300l buggy.

Additional information

Ambient temperature

4 °C ÷ 30 °C

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

1,6 kW

Power supply

400 V 50 Hz