Swing Loader for 825 l container on rail

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Designed for unloading of 825 liter container in one or a line of tumblers with equal filling height. Safety and reliable mobility through a rail supporting system. The special chute can be placed with 230 mm into the tumbler so that no row material or liquid runs out. If required our SL can unload 200 and 300 l buggies. For the different filling-in height, this swing loader can be equipped with another chute. Pneumatic execution. Cylinder in stainless steel. Extra strong execution, made entirely out of stainless steel, material No. 1.4301 o other rust-resistant material. The machine complies with the high CE-Requirements and EU- and USDA regulations. Special executions on demand.

Additional information

Ambient temperature

4 °C ÷ 30 °C

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

1,5 kW

Power supply

400 V 50 Hz