Pass-Through Washing Machine for KLT Crates, up to 275 pcs/hour

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Pass-Through Washing Machine for KLT Crates

This crate washing machine provides professional cleaning of metal and plastic shavings, оil and lubricant residues from KLT crates in the automotive industry. The machine has five zones – main washing zone, rinsing zone and three blow-off zones. The water in the tanks is permanently filtered through two oil separators, one for each tank. Steam exhaust fans capture the vapours produced during the washing and rinsing process and return them to the machine as hot condensate. it makes crate washing very resource-efficient.  The machine is equipped with two stainless steel bag filters, one per zone, which collect particles down to 100 µm. In the blow-off zones, the washed crates and moulds are blown off with a combination of 5 fans, removing the residual water. The last blow-off zone is equipped with a hot air blower that effectively dries the crates. The transport speed can be adjusted according to the contamination level via a frequency controller. The machine body is completely made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301. The machine complies with CE requirements and EU and USDA regulations.

Additional information

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

103 kW

Power supply

400 V 50 Hz