Hydraulic cylinder tube cleaning machine

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Hydraulic cylinder tube cleaning machine

The machine is developed for effective and economical cleaning and degreasing of cylinder tubes in manufacturing plants. The front loader works with water-based cleaning agents up to 70°C operating temperature and cleans cylinder tubes from the inside and outside using a specially developed nozzle system and a powerful centrifugal pump. The dimensions of the cylinder tubes to be cleaned can vary from a length of 500 to 3100 mm and a diameter of 25 to 90 mm. Up to 7 pipes can be washed at the same time in one batch. The cylinder tubes to be washed are positioned horizontally on a special receiving platform with a degree of inclination and are automatically moved in and out of the machine. The machine has 2 cleaning regimes: internal washing and external washing of the cylinder tubes. The equipment includes 2 bag filters with stainless-steel housings, a highly effective stainless-steel plate phase separator for separating the oil, steam vapor extraction fan, PLC Siemens 1200 and user-friendly control via 7″ Siemens display touchscreen.
The machine is made entirely of stainless-steel, material 1.4301, including the loading table and receiving platform. The machine complies with the high CE requirements.

Additional information

Ambient temperature

4 °C ÷ 30 °C

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

42 kW

Power supply

400 V 50 Hz