Hand, Boot and Sole Cleaning and Disinfection Hygiene Station

Hand, Boot and Sole Cleaning and Disinfection Hygiene Station

This compact hygiene station consists three functional units: Sole and boot cleaning unit, hand disinfection unit, and turnstile. When a person enters the station, the photocell activates rotation of horizontal and vertical brushes; they garantee an optimal soles and boots sides cleaning. Ergonomic way of disinfection without turning the body side-wards. А pipe sprays the cleaning or disinfection solution into the brushes. Then, the simultaneous insertion of both hands into the disinfection chamber activates sensors and the disinfection starts. Sensitive photocells detect both hands regardless of skin complexion. Finally, the turnstile releases access to the production premises. The duration of each step is adjustable by a Siemens PLC. Up to 10 people per minute can pass through it. Мachine body is made entirely out of stainless steel, material No.: 1.4301. Adjustable feet ensure proper floor drainage. The equipment complies with the high CE Requirements, HACCP and USDA regulations.

Additional information

Ambient temperature

4 °C ÷ 30 °C

Control voltage

24 V DC

Power consumption

1.25 kW

Power supply

400 V 50 Hz