Corporate Policy

“Those who do only what they already know will always become what they are!” Henry Ford

According to this motto, we have focused on the continuous development of our company over the past 28 years. Because not evolving means taking a step backwards!


These principles are also the basis of our corporate policy:

Development and financial well-being of the company by achieving and maintaining high quality

  • All employees in our company are responsible for the quality of our products;
  • Every precise job saves costs and increases our competitiveness;
  • Every high-quality product is a key to a satisfied customer and follow-up orders.

Maximum satisfaction of customer and market needs

  • Our products and services meet the wishes and needs of our customers;
  • Our customers’ success is our success;
  • The market also drives our technical development.

Continuous process of improvement and efficiency

  • We strive for continuous improvement of the production process, including environmental protection;
  • We are guided by the latest technologies on the market and use them wherever possible;
  • Compliance with applicable requirements and optimisation of the efficiency of the management system.


  • All our goals can only be achieved with well-trained and motivated employees who are aware of their personal contribution to customer satisfaction;
  • Providing permanent internships to enable the development of potential employees;
  • Succession planning.

Our suppliers are our partners

  • Our suppliers know and meet our quality requirements;
  • We work with all suppliers on a long-term, mutually beneficial basis.

Job security

  • Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, we pay strict attention to compliance with all job safety measures.

Ethical principles

  • Kittner adheres to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption). We expect the same from our suppliers;
  • These principles include:
    • Respect for internationally recognised human rights and their observance within our sphere of influence;
    • Non-discrimination between genders and different religious affiliations;
    • Respect for and consideration of the views of employees;
    • Prohibition of child labour;
    • Participation in environmental protection initiatives;
    • Developing, introducing, and promoting environmentally friendly technologies;
    • Taking all necessary measures and steps against corruption, including bribery and extortion.

Commitment of the Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee shall agree with the management on annual targets in line with the corporate policy;
  • The management, in turn, agrees and specifies the targets;
  • The Executive Committee shall provide all necessary resources for the functioning of the Management System (MS) and continuously monitor all its elements, including the policy and the quality objectives, for timeliness and relevance.