Dual Education

The dual education system is a new form of education in Bulgaria, which gives high school students from the eleventh and twelfth grades of vocational high schools a chance to expand their studies in a real environment. The training system has been introduced and functions successfully in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and China. This system represents parallel training in two places – in the vocational school and in a company for a period of two years. Students of eleventh grade attend school three days a week, and the remaining two they have the opportunity to work in the company. In twelfth grade, the time of practical training is increased to three days a week. During the practical training in the company, the students are actively involved in the work process with the help of a mentor who helps them, guides them and supervises their work. Kittner joined the dual training program in 2016 and accepted its first students from PGMT “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” – Plovdiv. From 2021, the company also partners with ” Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics” – Plovdiv.

The advantages of this type of training are:

  • Acquisition of contemporary business knowledge and skills;
  • Opportunities for career development in the company after graduation.