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New development: Pass-through washing machine for 200l buggies and big box containers

New development: Pass-through washing machine for 200l buggies and big box containers

New development: Pass-through washing machine for 200l buggies and big box containers

Pass-through washing machine for 200l buggies and big box containers


We are excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Pass-Through Washing Line, engineered to redefine industrial cleaning standards. Crafted with precision and innovation, this machine sets new benchmarks for efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in the food industry.


Purpose and Capacity: Unmatched Performance

 The Pass-Through Washing Line is specifically designed to target fresh pollutions like marinade, meat juice, and blood. It can accommodate 200L buggies or containers measuring 1160x960x895mm. With a remarkable washing capacity of up to 150 buggies or 50 containers per hour, and adjustable speed settings, it ensures impeccable cleaning results.


Technical Excellence: Power and Precision

Powered by a robust electrical system operating at 400V, 50Hz, the Pass-Through Washing Line boasts impressive specifications:

 Pre-wash pump: 11 kW

Main wash pump: 15 kW

Rinse pump: 1.5 kW

Total electrical consumption: approximately 32 kW/23A

Electrical protection: IP65 for the machine, IP55 for the gear motor

Heating method: steam injector in each tank


Craftsmanship and Functionality: Unrivaled Design

 Constructed with attention to detail using premium-grade stainless steel 1.4301, the Pass-Through Washing Line demonstrates durability, hygiene, and longevity. Its modular design features cutting-edge elements:

 Motor-driven buffer conveyors at both ends ensure seamless loading and unloading.

Loading and unloading arms, equipped with advanced safety features, ensure secure and efficient container transfer.

Dedicated pre-wash, main wash, and rinse zones, equipped with high-performance pumps and spraying collectors, guarantee thorough and consistent cleaning results.

Intelligent control systems, including sensors and pneumatic mechanisms, enable effortless transitions between buggy and container washing modes.


Automatization and Software: Tailored Solutions for Optimal Performance

 The Pass-Through Washing Line integrates state-of-the-art automation and software, developed in-house for seamless operation and maximum efficiency. Our proprietary software enables intuitive control and monitoring of the machine, enhancing user experience and productivity.


Remote Diagnostic Module: Real-Time Monitoring for Peace of Mind

 With a remote diagnostic module, the Pass-Through Washing Line can be easily monitored and diagnosed via a secure VPN connection. This feature provides real-time insights into machine performance, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime. With remote diagnostic capabilities, you can rest assured that your operations are always optimized for peak efficiency.


Conclusion: Setting New Standards, Empowering Industries

 The Pass-Through Washing Line introduces a new era in industrial cleaning technology, offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and operational efficiency in the food industry. This innovative machine promises to raise cleanliness and efficiency standards to unprecedented levels. Embrace the future of industrial washing with our groundbreaking Pass-Through Washing Line—a testament to our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.



Case study:

Unleashing Efficiency: How Enhanced Washing Capacity Revolutionized Operations

 In this case study, we explore the profound impact of upgrading washing equipment to meet the demanding requirements of our client’s operations. With a primary focus on enhancing washing capacity while maintaining efficiency, our client embarked on a journey towards operational optimization and sustainability.


Elevating Capacity to Meet Demand

 The driving force behind the equipment upgrade was the need to upscale washing capacity to accommodate the growing demands of our client’s operations. With the installation of the new washing machine, the organization witnessed a remarkable increase in throughput, allowing them to process a higher volume of buggies and containers within the same timeframe. This boost in capacity was crucial for meeting customer demands efficiently and maintaining operational agility in a competitive market landscape.


Striking the Balance: Efficiency and Capacity

 While the primary goal was to elevate washing capacity, the organization was equally committed to maintaining efficiency and minimizing resource consumption. Despite the substantial increase in throughput, the new system achieved an impressive 70% reduction in water consumption compared to the previous equipment. This achievement highlights the synergy between enhanced capacity and sustainability, demonstrating that operational scalability can be achieved without compromising environmental stewardship.


Setting the Standard: Average Water Consumption per Buggy

 A key metric that underscored the success of the new system was the average water consumption per buggy. With an exceptionally low average of 7.7 liters per buggy, our client showcased their commitment to resource conservation while maximizing operational output. This metric not only reflects the efficiency of the equipment but also sets a benchmark for sustainable washing practices within the industry.


Conclusion: Empowering Growth Through Innovation

 In conclusion, this case study exemplifies how investing in enhanced washing capacity can revolutionize operations and drive sustainable growth. By prioritizing scalability without sacrificing efficiency, our client was able to meet the evolving demands of their business while minimizing their environmental footprint. As organizations worldwide seek to optimize their operations for a more sustainable future, initiatives like these serve as inspiring examples of how innovation and sustainability can work hand in hand to unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.